What To Do After Damage

The obligations of the insured party in the event of an accident are:

1-The insured party must notify the insurance company of the accident and submit within fifteen days of the date of notification, or any longer period agreed upon by the company, the following documents:

  • A detailed and accurate statement of the contents of the insured property before the accident, and its value at the time of the accident without adding any profit percentage.
  • A detailed statement of the losses or damages that resulted from the accident, including a detailed and accurate description of the various items that were damaged or destroyed, and the value of the resulting damages, with this value to be determined at the time of the accident without adding any profit.
  • A detailed statement of all other insurances that have been taken out on all or part of these items.
  • All details, designs, measurements, books, records, receipts, invoices, and any other information, documents, or supporting papers that the company or its representatives have the right to request.

2-The insured party must also notify the police (or the relevant authorities) in whose jurisdiction the accident occurred.
The insured party must take all necessary steps to minimize the size of the losses and damages to preserve the items that have been damaged or that remain intact and enable the company representative to inspect and examine them.

3-The insured party must not undertake any repairs, admit any liability, or negotiate the settlement of any claim without the company’s official approval.

4-The insured party must allow the company to inspect the accident site within a period not exceeding seven working days from the date of notification of the accident unless there is a ban by the relevant authorities from entering the accident site. In this case, the seven-day period starts from the date of the decision to lift this ban and notifying the company in writing. If the seven-day period elapses and the company or its representative has not inspected the accident site, the insured party has the right to remove the traces of the fire without prejudice to any of their rights under this document.

5-The insured party must preserve the debris resulting from the accident until it is received by the company, except in cases where they are forced to dispose of this debris, provided that they provide all official and legal documents indicating this.