Procedures and documents required when your car has an accident (Partial Loss)

First: Procedures

  • Take all necessary precautions and procedures to reduce the volume of losses as much as possible.
  • Inform the police immediately after the incident occurred and issue a statement to the police.
  • Inform the insurance company Mada of the accident immediately after the occurrence of the accident and within a maximum of 72 hours.
  • The company will inspect the car within 24 hours from the date of reporting inside Cairo, and within 48 hours outside Cairo.
  • Not starting to repair the car before conducting the necessary inspection by our company and obtaining approval for the first repair assessment.
  • Inform the company after the completion of the repair to inspect the car after the repair and see the damaged parts that have been changed.

Second: Documents

  • An accident notification form containing all the required data and signed by the insured.
  • An official copy of the police report issued at the time of the accident, extracted from the Public Prosecution office.
  • A copy of the driver’s license and the car’s license.
  • Original repair invoices.

Third: Compensation Settlement

In the event that the car is repaired in one of the service centers contracted with the company

Immediately after receiving the copies of the invoices, a settlement of the accident file is prepared, and the value of the deductibles incurred by the subscriber is calculated according to the terms of the insurance policy. A letter is prepared to the repair authority to hand over the car to the subscriber after collecting the value of the deductibles, and after the subscriber signs the clearance form included in the letter ((requires a stamp and signature on the letter in case the document is in the name of company)) within a maximum of 24 hours.

In the event that the car is repaired in a center that is not contracted with the company

Immediately after receiving the original invoices, the settlement of the accident file is made, and the value of the deductions incurred by the subscriber is calculated, after the technical review of the invoice ((reviewing the prices of spare parts according to the market price)) and within 10 working days, the check is received, unlike the accidents of total loss and total theft.

In the event of validity (prohibition of sale)

The company issues a compensation check in favor of the beneficiary, and in the event that the customer wishes to issue a compensation check in his favor, he must contact the beneficiary to obtain a no-objection letter.

What To Do After a Motor Accident